Aligned Facilities

Address and resolve the need for our production and office facilities to be updated, modernized and aligned with our strategic potential, so that we are well-positioned to maximize public service and audience impact for many years to come.


4. Aligned Facilities

By aligning our facilities with our strategy, I’m excited to know that these new studios will be purpose-built centers of broadcast excellence, reflecting the programming that Mainers want, and are welcoming, productive places where conversations and creativity flourish.
— Mark Vogelzang, President & CEO, Maine Public

4.1 Determine and Implement a New Facilities Configuration

Develop a new configuration of office and production facilities that will better align operational efficiency, improve collaboration and cooperation, and better support programming efforts, staff unity and morale, talent recruitment and retention, public image, north/south presence, community relations, and fundraising opportunities.

Given that this objective is about first deciding on, and then implementing, a new facilities configuration, the activities below are categorized into two phases.

Phase I

  • Establish a building committee comprised of key Board and Staff

  • Establish a decision-making process and criteria, with a specific timeline

  • Perform an analysis of the current facilities configuration

  • Identify a future facilities configuration that optimizes performance

  • Develop a facilities program statement to assess financial requirements and feasibility to implement the modernized facilities configuration

Phase II

  • Develop a financial plan to implement the facilities solution

  • Inform the public and key constituents on why we are implementing a modernized facilities configuration and how it supports our goals of improving service for the people of Maine

  • Implement the facilities plan

4.2 Maintain and Improve Broadcast Infrastructure

Maintain current broadcast systems while investing in new transmission technologies as appropriate.

  • Maintain important current over-the-air (OTA) systems, while applying new strategic technologies to serve evolving audiences and reach strategic goals

  • Monitor infrastructure growth in legacy systems (TV and FM broadcast) while gauging growth and investment in new transmission technologies

  • Define our direction regarding Next Generation TV (ATSC 3)

  • Continue to explore opportunities to grow broadcast capability for Maine Public Classical in under-served areas

4.3 Adapt to changes in Media Content Delivery

As broadcasters no longer defined by traditional TV and Radio platforms, we must seek ways for a nimble response to de-coupling of content and delivery mechanisms.

  • Identify competitive delivery methods

  • Revamp content development workflows to efficiently provide to all outlets

  • Improve systems design to facilitate development of content on all platforms


Downloadable Strategic Plan

Click on the link to download a portable version of the Strategic Plan.

Maine Public Strategic Plan.pdf