Audience of Tomorrow

Become more relevant to an increasingly diverse audience with an emphasis on future listeners and viewers.


2. Audience of Tomorrow

Maine Public’s firm embrace of its past, present and future gives me confidence in its continued relevance in a rapidly changing world — centered on meaningful service to our state.
— Brenda Garrand, Maine Public Trustee

2.1 Assess Audience Trends

Plan and implement deliberate techniques to assess the desires of current and future listeners and viewers.

  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative research of leading and trailing indicators to assess opinions and trends among users as a whole and among key demographics

  • Regularly review research findings and adjust content and delivery accordingly

2.2 Attract Younger Listeners and Viewers

Build our popularity among younger people, especially age 18-44.

  • Expand Maine Public's presence on relevant social media platforms

  • Develop podcasts including adaptation of existing content like Maine Calling into podcast format

  • Continue to identify and offer content on our platforms that will appeal to a wider and potentially younger audience

2.3 Grow Our Audience

Growth of audience will contribute to future relevance and sustainability.

  • Better educate the communities we serve about the wide array and unique value of our offerings

  • Promote our content outside of our own communication channels and offerings

  • Increase face-to-face community engagement via screenings, special events, and our own public spaces yet to be developed

  • Reach new audiences in keeping with demographic changes in our communities