Intentional Sustainability

Improve organizational sustainability through continued momentum in revenue generation, targeted strategic growth, and strengthening the organizational culture.


3. Intentional Sustainability

I’m inspired by this new strategic plan for its confident recognition of the critical role Maine Public plays in the life of every Mainer. The plan is ambitious, transparent, and yet grounded in reality.
— Marion Freeman, Vice-Chair, Maine Public Board of Directors

3.1 Grow Revenue in Proven Ways

Continue to grow affinity among our community of donors and grow revenue through existing methods that we know work well.

  • Invest in building our donor base via existing, successful methods

  • Deepen support among existing members

  • Invest in growing the number of major donors and underwriters

  • Monitor, evaluate, and strategically adopt new best practices of other public media organizations

3.2 Explore New Revenue Streams

Explore and test new ways to generate revenue.

  • Develop additional cross-department teams to identify revenue opportunities

  • Increase revenue-generating staff capacity

  • Explore broader distribution and availability of existing and future Maine Public programs

  • Explore and implement podcast revenue generation models

3.3 Strengthen Government Support

Ensure and ideally increase level of government revenue by providing our state and federal partners with demonstrated and visible community benefits.

  • Maintain the functionality and value of our Emergency Alert System

  • Promote Maine Public as a public safety partner and a ‘go-to source’ for the people of Maine in case of emergency

  • Ensure that Maine’s Legislative and Congressional delegations understand the value of Maine Public and its critical role in education, public safety and civic leadership

3.4 Strengthen Awareness of the Maine Public Brand

Strengthen and better promote our brand, backed by trusted and relevant content, in order to maintain and grow market share.

  • Integrate consistent brand messaging more fully across all platforms

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with relevant cultural organizations to further our reach and relevance in our communities

  • Identify high profile content and brand it fully

  • Monitor and adapt to disruptive consumer trends that could result in competition for Maine Public listeners, viewers, users, and donors

3.5 Strengthen Organizational Culture

Strengthen a culture of collaboration and opportunity that generates employee enthusiasm.

  • Invest in our people via deliberate professional development that simultaneously serves organizational goals and employee passions

  • Increase staff diversity and inclusion to incorporate a broader range of voices and perspectives throughout our organization

  • Improve collaboration across news teams and production teams with workflow design efficiencies

  • Increase transparency about how and why decisions are made

  • Strengthen clear processes for gathering and considering employee input

  • Better connect all work to strategic goals, objectives, and performance measures so every employee can see how their work is contributing to the greater good