Trusted Content

Continue to build Maine Public’s position as the premier, independent, trusted source of news and educational, cultural, and public affairs programming in Maine.


1. Trusted Content

At a time when Maine needs a media source we can trust, Maine Public will be there 24/7— steadfast, more responsive, always responsible.
— Ron Bancroft, Chair, Maine Public Board of Directors

1.1 Increase Journalism Capacity

Continue to build our capacity for reporting and original, local journalism.

  • Build reporting capacity to cover areas of the state that are underrepresented

  • Enlist “regional correspondents” with responsibilities for specific regions

  • Create a contributor network of freelance reporters and journalists to contribute to the news department

  • Move towards 24/7 news coverage

1.2 Increase Enterprise Reporting

Invest in enterprise reporting that distinguishes us from other news sources.   

  • In our original reporting, reflect the diverse communities we serve

  • Investigate and report on “the Maine angle” of national and global news stories and news-makers

  • Invest in more long-form reporting

1.3 Increase Content Variety

Broaden our appeal by offering more diverse subject content over-the-air and online that reflects the distinct and unique attributes of Maine.

  • Establish regular arts and cultural focus in our mix of reporting and program topics

  • Increase diversity of content offerings via mutually beneficial content or production partnerships with media and cultural organizations in Maine, New England, and Canada

  • Evaluate, steward and promote our existing educational platforms

  • Continue to produce and elevate existing local visual content

1.4 Invest in Agile Content Delivery

Deploy content efficiently and effectively, with fewer barriers, across multiple relevant platforms for maximum impact.

  • Continue to proactively monitor, adapt to, and invest in emerging technologies to ensure content delivery methods are serving evolving audience preferences

  • Build an internal communication best practices model that is aligned to maximize all of Maine Public's delivery platforms, reflecting coverage priorities

  • Strategically integrate video into Maine Public news stories. Continue to grow an easy-to-navigate online presence

  • Continue to build and explore new and future delivery systems

  • Distribute each piece of content over multiple platforms.

1.5 Grow Maine Public Classical

Increase reach, relevance, and value of Maine Public Classical network.

  • Continue to expand and improve signal to un-served areas

  • Increase local hosting hours and invest in additional on-air and production talent to establish our network as a “trusted guide for music discovery”

  • Implement best practices from national classical producers and partners

  • Implement marketing, programming, and vibrant content to attract listeners and supporters